About Us

FranchiseED was created to provide commercially savvy research to improve the franchising sector and inject best-practice and a culture of excellence across franchises.  A culture of excellence that benefits all stakeholders.

FranchiseED empowers franchises to go beyond the status quo and build thriving, sustainable businesses that have the priorities of each stakeholder at its heart.  Our expertise in research allows us to continually find more insights, develop practical courses, provide consultancy and coaching programs to help Franchisors improve navigational skills when it comes to the complexity of franchising.

We have aspirations in doing good, not just for our clients but for the world and our medium term aim is to run social enterprise projects through franchising.

We are proud to have contributed to several major commercial franchise projects such as ‘’The future of Franchising’’ conducted for an Australian franchisor, and the ‘Understanding Best Practice- Fair Work Amendment’’ for Fair Work Australia. We also undertake consultancy work with Not-for-profits to help them understand if franchising is the right path for them.  We pride ourselves on our independent and truthful approach – we are not invested in the outcome, only what is ‘’the truth’’ for the client.

We are both head and heart centred, and our passion is to see the franchise model provide positive outcomes for all stakeholders and increase social impact. We:

  • Provide consultancy and research services to franchisors to assess and improve the vitality and sustainability of their franchise ecosystem
  • Provide online and offline education programs for franchisors, franchisee and those considering becoming a franchisor or franchisee
  • Grow the visibility of social franchising through advocacy and research
  • Build programs to assist social enterprises or not for profits access the franchise model
  • Build programs to assist people in underserved communities to access the franchise model

Our expertise in research allows us to continually find more insights and tell more stories to make the power of franchising understood and improve the position and reputation of the entire sector.

Directors of FranchiseED

pink best low res 150x150 - About UsKerry Miles CFE: Kerry has over 15 years of experience in the franchise sector, firstly within her own business (which she franchised) and subsequently for 10 years as the General Manager of the Franchise Centre at Griffith University. Kerry was responsible for developing commercial franchise educational courses, developing and delivering content for workshops and conferences developing and managing Centre communications on franchising. Kerry is also an experienced market researcher and strategist having worked as a Market Researcher and Market Manager for over 10 years prior to joining the education sector.

Lorelle Frazer2 150x150 - About UsProf Lorelle Frazer: Lorelle has been actively involved in franchising research and sectoral policy initiatives for 20 years and is one of the world’s leading franchising researchers. Lorelle lectures in franchising and is a member of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Franchising Consultative Committee. Her research is used to drive positive policy reform. For instance, the free online pre-entry franchise education to better inform prospective franchisees – connects research outcomes with practical solutions for business. The first person in Australia to complete a PhD in franchising, Lorelle also mentors franchising PhD candidates, to enhance understanding of issues faced by the sector and advance franchise best practice.

Our History
Several years back it came to our attention that a lot of information available on franchising on the internet was mostly promotional materials develop by franchisors to help recruit franchisees. It didn’t provide much assistance for people wanting to gain a better understanding of franchising – whether to buy a franchise or to franchise their business.

At the same time Professor Lorelle Frazer had been researching franchising for more than a decade, yet most of the research findings were mainly published in academic journals, which are mostly read by other academics and university students, rather than by the people that can use the information the most – franchisors, franchisees, head office and support industry professionals.

Professor Lorelle Frazer and Kerry Miles decided to launch the Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence (now ‘FranchiseED’) in March 2008, to make this wealth of independent information and knowledge more widely available.

Most of the research and education materials were led by one of the world’s leading and most highly respected franchise researchers Professor Lorelle Frazer, who now holds the position of Head, School of Business at the Sunshine Coast University.

Partnering with thought leaders in franchising 

isof 1 e1534989099164 - About Us

The International Society of Franchising (ISoF) is the global association of academic scholars who conduct scientific research on franchising. ISoF’s hallmark event is its annual conference where attendees share cutting-edge research findings.

You can find more information about ISoF, past research paper abstracts, and how to register for the next annual conference at www.FranchiseSociety.com