Gold Exhibitor Booth
  • Everything in silver Plus
  • One-on-one chats and private video calls at ‘’LIVE EVENT DAYS’’. Live Event days will take
    place twice each quarter and will provide an online focus with new educational content and
    activities to create excitement and connection.
  • Ability to do ‘’Franchise Information Sessions’’ in your booth with up to 25 attendees on
  • 15-minute pre-recorded presentation in the Franchise Brands In Focus Educational stream
  • Promotion in event marketing
  • Personal feedback on your booth and recommendations for improvement (if required).
  • Invited to our exclusive Franchise Recruitment Virtual Cocktail evenings where exhibitors can
    learn from each other’s experiences and network with each other (all online).
  • $4,620 payable as a monthly payment of $385 for 12 months plus one-off establishment fee
    of $660 (payable on confirmation of booth).