What is Coaching and Mentoring for Early-Stage Franchisors?

The FranchiseED Coaching and Mentoring is a one-on-one coaching program for early-stage franchisors who want to grow their franchise business without the guesswork. 

Growing a franchise network can be tough and there’s no guidebook for being a successful franchisor. Without proper guidance and support, this process can be quite challenging and overwhelming.

The FranchiseED Coaching and Mentoring Program was specifically designed to help you build a strong and profitable franchise business and improve your skills, ability, and confidence when it comes to the complexity of franchising.

Is this right for me?

This program is suitable for aspiring franchisors and franchisors with up to 20 franchisees. Do you feel… 

  • Challenged by the complexities of growing your franchise business?
  • You are juggling many balls and find it difficult to keep them all going and you need to prioritise so you don’t burn out?
  • It is hard to upskill, are challenged by what you don’t know, and need someone in your corner to support you?


If you’re committed to growing your franchise and need hands-on support that’s tailored to your needs, this program is for you. 

Here's what you'll get with this program:


A crystal clear insight into your major goals over the next 100 days


A clear and detailed action plan to achieve your goals


A sounding board for your specific challenges

How Can We Help?

Here are a few ways the Coaching and Mentoring Program can help you: 

Client Reviews

What people say?
Working with Kerry I really got to understand what my goals needed to be over the next 100 days. Kerry helped me to develop my action plan, which included seven major projects to help maintain and grow the franchise. The strategy session was quite intense as Kerry pulled apart all the different aspects of the business, which then helped me to break down the big picture into what became the seven projects.

The strategy session was a real eye-opener for me. It helped me to see the business in a completely different light, having Kerry look into it and pull it all apart. At the end of the strategy session, Kerry promised to be my advocate and my sounding board but delivered so much more. She actually went way beyond what I felt I had signed up for and I've come away feeling very prepared and very confident in growing the franchise. I could not recommend Kerry enough. If you want to grow your franchise business, please talk to Kerry.
Karin McIver
Founder & Franchise Manager, Wheel Change U
Kerry has played quite a big role in our business lives for the past three months. She's provided so much support. I reached out to Kerry because I wanted to learn and educate myself more on working with master franchises within our sector and also improving how I work with my franchisees. Kerry has given me an amazing amount of insights into the industry and assistance with improving my franchise.
We implemented a coaching session and came up with my 100 day plan for my business, and it's been a great step and I can't thank her enough.

Kerry has gone above and beyond anything that I have always asked for or expected. Her support has always been there. She's always answered my emails or calls when I've needed assistance. It's really been amazing. I can recommend Kerry to anyone who's a franchisor like myself. Kerry is someone that I can highly recommend to help you grow and improve your franchise.
Natasha Morgan
Founder & CEO, My Home Watch

What's included?

Strategy Session

Half-day strategy session to determine priorities

Action Plan

A detailed action plan for the next 3 months

Coaching Sessions

Weekly coaching session with Kerry (45 minutes)


Constant contact with Kerry through email if you have questions


Get advice and feedback on ideas and strategies

Debriefing Session

Program wrap up and outline of what’s next

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Who you'll work with

Kerry Miles is the Founder of FranchiseED. Drawing on more than 20 years in the industry, as a Franchisor, as General Manager of the Franchising Centre of Excellence, and now leading  research across the Sector, the Franchise Coaching and Mentoring program gives you access to insight, perspective, mentoring, advocacy, and a confidential sounding board to help you lift perspective and performance.

It's time to grow your franchise

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