Is our obsession with growing our franchise numbers destroying our ability to develop thriving franchises?


Let me start by stating categorically that my answer to that question is YES. Screen Shot 2019 06 21 at 8.05.33 AM 300x257 - Obsession with growing franchise numbers is destroying the ability to develop thriving franchises

There is an obsession of saying I’ve got x number of franchisees, and I’m growing at x++% per annum and I’m planning on going to China this year.

While the blunt question in my head is “who is talking about the long-term outcomes of franchisees and the viability of their franchise system’’? This is the conversation I want to start here.

In this paper, we will:

• Deconstruct the obsession of franchise sales and franchisee number growth

• Discuss Franchise Ego Metrics and  Franchise Authentic Metrics

• Discuss a framework that will get you to the pinnacle of  a thriving franchise

You can download my thinking here.