This is an interactive program that focuses on developing and leveraging revenue generation strategies for a franchise network. This is an education based program with activities, videos, hot-seats, workshops and round table discussions. It is designed to create a high-performing sales and business development team.

Who is it for?
This is best delivered as an internal program, and is most suited to staff who are engaged in roles which encompass influence, business development and sales.

What do you get?
At the end of the program your team will be better skilled with sales strategies and have personal action plans to execute the learnings of the program.

What does this include?
The workshop includes the following segments:

  • Smashing through roadblocks, challenges, mindset, confidence and preconceptions
  • The sales ecosystem
  • The myth of cold calling
  • Smart lead generation
  • Weapons against Humanity
  • Creating an unbeatable difference in your pitch
  • The conversational matrix – winning the sales game
  • Playing to win – bringing discipline, repetition and resilience into the game
  • Personal action plan and commitments

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