Franchise Marketing Forum 2017 Online Seminar

This is your chance to learn from successful marketers on their approach to growing franchise brands, local area marketing and digital marketing and consider if your marketing is consistent with the best practice in the franchise sector. Hear the latest franchise marketing tactics and success strategies from some of Australia’s top franchise leaders at this unique event, “On Demand” and keep on top of best practice in the franchise marketing arena.

You will learn:

  • How to sell online without antagonizing your franchisees by Darren Gunton, General Manager Marketing, Total Tools
  • Growing sales through excellence in local area marketing by Kendall Meijer, National Marketing Manager, and Maree Magdas, Corporate Marketing Manager, Just Cuts
  • Open Exchange Forum – Solve real-life franchise problems
  • Trends in the use (or abuse) of franchise marketing funds by David Campbell, Director, Avatar Consulting
  • Managing rapid growth and accelerating demand by Monica Grzesiak, National Marketing Manager, Soul Origin
  • Franchise recruitment marketing: what works and what doesn’t (Facilitated group discussion)
  • How to get your franchisees to increase their marketing investment by Avril-Summer Cusack, National Marketing Manager, The Cheesecake Shop

Open Exchange Forum Topics

  • Topic 1: How do you motivate and incentivise franchisees to activate local area marketing (LAM) initiatives? What systems or processes do you use to support LAM? What LAM initiatives have worked best for you?
  • Topic 2: Social media mis res and bullseyes: Share your biggest social media fail and success, how your franchisees were affected, and what you learned from the experience.
  • Topic 3: How do you recruit, retain, reward and motivate marketing support personnel? What are the key things you’ve learned about getting the best from staff (or even your own performance)?
  • Topic 4: Mystery shopping: How often should you do it, what do you look for, and what was your most shocking mystery shopping discovery? What have you changed as a result of feedback from mystery shopping?
  • Topic 5: Is Public Relations died?

Brands include:

  • Total Tools
  • Just Cuts
  • Soul Origin
  • The Cheesecake Shop

Arm yourself with marketing strategies and practical take-aways you can apply straight-away with online access to the recordings from the Franchise Marketing Forum 2017: Achieve more for your brand and franchisees.

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