Many of those reaching retirement age are looking for a change in direction. Maybe it’s the thought of a tree or sea change or maybe it’s just doing something completely different. After a long career in a typical 9 to 5, maybe it’s time to pursue a venture that keeps you engaged on your terms But, what opportunity is right for you?

Franchises have long been a popular way to develop a business interest, and for good reason. The franchise model is well understood and there are clear pathways to get started. Before you jump in, it’s important to think carefully about what opportunity is best for you. The resources available through FranchiseED will provide invaluable support in your journey to franchising success.

With that said, here are five franchise ideas you can pursue in your 50’s and beyond. 


If you’ve got decades of business experience behind you, countless businesses would pay top dollar to pick your brain about all kinds of subjects from optimising business processes to integrating new technologies for stronger revenue streams. You’ve spent a lifetime accruing the knowledge you have, why not leverage it through a consulting franchise?

Pet Care

Who doesn’t love animals? If you’re tired of the corporate life and want to try something completely different, looking after man’s best friend might be just the ticket. You could stick to offering a simple pet washing service; or, if you want to get more hands on, offer full grooming or even training services. Embrace the flexibility and mould your business to suit you. 

Property Management

Peer to peer accommodation networks like Airbnb have exploded in popularity over the past few years. Prospective landlords must maintain their properties with extreme diligence to remain competitive which, with demanding careers of their own, can be difficult. This is where Property Management franchisees come in. 

Managing the various necessities associated with a rental property on behalf of your client can be a huge weight off their shoulders. This could involve coordinating maintenance tasks with tradies, vacant home checks, entry and exit condition reports and more. The suite of services you offer is up to you. 

Mobile Food Truck, Coffee, Ice-cream or Juice

Food and Beverage franchises have been a mainstay of the franchising landscape for a long time. However, instead of only considering the more traditional brick and mortar options, why not think of a more mobile food service? 

Operating a mobile food business can have a number of advantages. For one, you can achieve a greater reach as you’re not tied down to a single location. You could attend a market one day, and cater a private function the next. Also, with a lower initial investment required and more control over when and where you operate, they can provide greater flexibility and less financial risk. 

With this in mind, becoming a food truck franchisee could be the ideal way for you to realise your gastronomic dreams. 

Home maintenance

Do you want an opportunity to get out in the sun and earn some money along the way? Taking up a Home Maintenance franchise could be for you. You might stick to mowing lawns or, if you have a well developed green thumb, offer more advanced landscaping services. You could offer deck or grout/tile maintenance, oven or leather couch cleaning as other examples. You’ll need to be well motivated but, if you’d rather get some exercise than stay cooped up at home, this is definitely an option to consider. 

Hopefully this article has given you a starting point to begin exploring your options for a business as you near retirement. The opportunities in the franchising space are virtually endless and there is no better place to get industry leading resources than FranchiseED. 

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