Last year while at Griffith, myself together with Prof Lorelle Frazer conducted research for the Fair Work Ombudsman on franchise best practice in terms of workplace compliance. This research has directly fed into a new guide that has just been launched by the Fair Work Ombudsman.

The ‘Guide to promoting workplace compliance in your franchise network‘ provides practical advice and strategies that franchisor businesses can implement to promote compliance with workplace laws in their networks.

Dead set, do yourself a favour and check it out. It really is a fantastic and easy to follow guide for any franchisor wanting to understand what they need to do to be compliant and what are some cost effective steps they can do.

Specifically, you will find practical information including:

  • Information about the new laws that apply to franchisors.
  • Practical steps franchisors can take to promote workplace compliance in their networks, including tips from leading businesses.
  • Real life case studies to illustrate best practice approaches to compliance with workplace laws.
  • A checklist that businesses can use to assess and benchmark their current practices, and
  • Advice about where franchisors can access more information.


This guide will be useful for all franchisors great and small. The guide provides advice about how franchisors can work with their franchisees to:

  • Set expectations
  • Education and train
  • Monitor compliance
  • Take further actionThe Fair Work Ombudsman also encourages franchisors to show their public commitment to compliance by entering in to a compliance partnership with the Fair Work Ombudsman. Find out more.