In this webinar (current as of 1pm 30 March), I talked with Phil Chapman of Lease1 around these four topics:

  • What to do about rent due in April;
  • How Landlord’s are reacting;
  • How to Approach Landlords; and
  • What happens after the virus

The key takeways from the discussion were:

  • you need to get on the front foot and be proactive with your landlords.
  • Be frank, be open,  and be transparent.
  • The clear message is that tenants are very valuable and will be hard to get as the recovery takes place
  • Use the words that you want to ”Pause” or ”Hibernate” your lease.
  • This is not a free kick for tenants.  This is about working together to build a bridge to the other side for everyone. Everyone will need to take a hit to get there.

The link to the recording is via You Tube: