Franchise Management Forum 2011 Online Seminars:

Rebuilding franchisee trust and profits: Inside the resurgence of Baskin Robbins Australia
Ian Martin, CEO, Baskin Robbins Australia

What downturn? How to take charge of your business growth
Mike Bolton, Multi-Unit Franchisee, McDonald’s

Revolutionising a service business with higher profits at lower prices
Geoff Doyle, CEO, Go Gecko Real Estate

Franchise Regulation Update: New ACCC powers
Dr Michael Schaper, Deputy Chairman, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
Derek Sutherland, Principal, Icon Law & Chair, FCA Legal Committee

How to overcome the top 5 challenges of recruiting quality franchisees
Jason Gehrke, Director, Franchise Advisory Centre

Improving franchisee performance by facilitating life balance
Jeremy Chandler, Franchise Manager, FoodCo, and
Dr Robyn Young, Franchise Researcher and Business Coach

Using Social Media to help you find potential franchisees
Matt Forman, Managing Director, Traffika

How to get a better deal from your landlord
Ralph Edwards, Director, Lease 1

Why some franchises make more money than others: The findings of a survey of financial benchmarks for franchise networks
David Campbell, Director, Avatar Business Navigators, and
Professor Lorelle Frazer, Director, Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence

Creating value for franchisees in a growing network: LookSmart case study
Abraham Hatoum, Founder, LookSmart Alterations & NAB Ethnic Business Winner