Every business has a percentage of its franchisees that would be classified as ‘high performers’ – you know, those incredible individuals who month in, month out always come up with the goods no matter what. Consistently adding to the company’s bottom line and stellar reputation.

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When researching what makes a high performer special, the key message that comes across time after time, is their ability to trade on their unique skill – building on that skill and overdelivering. Taking that skill to the next level. The high performers have zero focus on what they’re not good at because why spend time on something that a) brings no joy, b) doesn’t improve their bottom line, and c) doesn’t get the personal and professional results they need?

As a franchisor, it would be to your great advantage if you harnessed their unique abilities with a view to assisting your other franchisees to grow their individual businesses. Perhaps give some consideration to the following:

  • How well do you know your franchisees ie. Do you know likes/dislikes, what is important to them, personality type etc.?


  • Once you’ve identified your high performers, develop an action plan to engage them based on their individual needs. What does this look like and how likely are they to engage? Do as much research as you can.


  • Be totally upfront, transparent and honest! Let your high performers know how much you value them and how they can assist the company to grow. Acknowledge their special abilities and work out a rewards plan that is mutually beneficial.


  • Provide updates periodically and celebrate milestones with your high performers and the rest of the company. Recognition for efforts and great results go a long way towards continued success.


  • Ask for feedback and input on new initiatives as you progress – recognise talent and achievements and the whole company will benefit.


The key to any successful business is knowing your people and their contribution to the bottom line – be a progressive leader and celebrate those that can take your brand to the next level.

Pro Tip: Ask your team for feedback on the high achievers and what is the best way to engage them. Your field staff communicates more regularly with the franchisees and can provide information on the best approach for your campaign.

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