The most challenging part of the team that takes a new direction, whether it be through new owners, new CEO, or simply a new pathway for the brand itself, is to make a material difference so that it is distinctly different from what it was. Whilst the changing of the guard can certainly reflect where adjustments need to be made, it is all too easy to slot in replacements and move forward with the current strategic plan. The ultimate mistake would be not to learn and grow from the experience.

Does your brand have the symptoms of leftover legacy?

  • Confusion about roles and responsibilities
  • Fractured management team
  • Unsatisfactory results
  • Dissatisfied franchisees
  • Uninspiring leadership


Whilst the transition can be daunting, the most refreshing part of a change in leadership or brand strategy is that it offers many opportunities to review and challenge the status quo. It provides openings for transformation and innovation, and highlights abilities within your team that may not have been evident before. It would be a shame not to see this as a positive platform for the updating and renovation of current practices.

When there is no other option than to make sweeping changes, why not bite the bullet and do it? Sit down with your management team and reflect on:

  • Are we where we want to be with the strategy for this financial year?
  • Have we achieved all we set out to?
  • Are our processes/procedures fit for purpose?
  • Have we pivoted/adapted to an ever-changing world?
  • How have we, as a team, impacted the business as a whole?
  • Are we innovating and future-proofing enough?
  • Are we setting our franchisees up for greater success?
  • Are we being completely honest with ourselves regards ability/vision/results?


Yes, there is a lot to consider. And yes, doable if we are honest with ourselves and our team. True leadership comes from imparting knowledge, showing empathy, and being open to change, so find the path that ensures your team evolves and grows with the brand.

Pro Tip: Step outside your comfort zone and deep dive into current roles, processes, and results. Identify gaps and take action by sourcing the right internal and/or external stakeholders needed to affect change. 

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