According to IBISWorld Report dated July 2021, there are currently 90,612 individual franchisees across Australia, employing in total approximately 516,500 people in various industries, in all shapes and sizes. There is definitely something for everyone and there are no limits for a prospective franchisee. With so many options and it can be challenging for a franchisor to explain why their brand is the one that someone interested in becoming a small business owner should choose.

Franchising in 2021 offers a number of avenues not previously available; many businesses are going mobile, there are work-from-home alternatives, part-time choices, and innovative opportunities such as alternative therapies, medical and rehabilitation, health and beauty options, specific dietary selections; the list goes on. The new franchisee is no longer limited to what they can buy, with literally a smorgasbord of amazing franchise systems to choose from.

As a brand leader, what is your process when it comes to recruitment? If you have a comprehensive step-by-step program that is easy to understand and creates comfort for a prospective franchisee then you are halfway there. But, attracting quality franchisees requires more than systems and procedures so think about the following:

  • What makes your brand unique?
  • Why would someone choose your brand over others?
  • Do you appeal to a sector of the community or to the general public?
  • Does your brand require specific education or qualifications to run the business?
  • How effective is your recruitment marketing?
  • How comprehensive is your follow up to enquiries received?
  • Do you conduct a survey to determine reasons for the non-purchase of franchise?
  • Does your end-to-end process create comfort and is it a positive experience?


The representatives of your team have an important role to play in creating comfort in the prospective franchisee. By showing confidence in their brand, answering questions with ease, and being knowledgeable about all aspects of the business, your recruitment team is your most important asset and, as a leader of the business, you can facilitate this process by being as transparent as possible and thereby guiding your brand towards greater growth.

Pro Tip: Arrange a workshop with your management team and discuss ways to improve your recruitment process. Conduct a survey prior with those that decided not to buy to determine areas where your current program can be revised or enhanced to increase the level of engagement. Asking for input from team members and listening to concerns and ideas will give you a greater understanding of how you are achieving current sales.

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