Many franchisees are exceptional people with technical skills in a wide range of areas, but not everyone is equipped with the knowledge, tools and resources to run a business. This course has been designed to empower franchisees with just that.

Whether you’re looking to buy a franchise, or have recently become a franchisee you need to gain an understanding of how to manage a small business effectively. This program can also be customised for use by franchisors to complement their existing training systems.

The course covers a range of business management issues including: profitability, cash flow, managing people, managing supply chains, marketing and more.

Most franchisors don’t address these issues or business management in their training for franchisees, instead focusing more on the operational aspects of running the business – that’s where this online short course can help.

The Franchise Business Management Essentials eClass has been designed to fill the skills gap. The course:

  • Covers the business skills you’ll need to run a successful business
  • Is designed for small business operators and franchisees
  • Incorporates the latest franchise research and best practice examples to accelerate your success
  • Fills the gap left by some franchisor training programs, which focus more on operational aspects of the franchise than key business skills
  • Ideal for people with no or limited previous business experience
  • Receive 24/7 online access for 12 months

”I strongly advise that new and existing franchisees take this course to better understand both sides of the Franchise industry” – Franchisee & Franchisor, Robyn Woodroff

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