The Franchise Pressure Vault is extreme.  The modern day franchisor and their franchise eco-system operate under levels of scrutiny not experienced before – and the ability to build a thriving franchise network which delivers to the expectations of founders, shareholders, regulatory bodies, franchisees and their communities is now done in a digital environment which instead of complementing the business often is in control and the key driver of decisions. 

And yet the fundamentals of Franchising does not change – and unlocking true competitive advantage and discretionary effort across the entire franchise eco-system comes down to one thing. 

Understanding, deeply, just how your business thrives.  Where the rhythm works, and where it doesn’t. Paradoxically it is not responding to external pressure that matters – but building an organisation and network so strong that it is able to wrest back control from external forces. 

FranchiseED’s Managing Director, Kerry Miles, has been at the forefront of Franchising Specific Research – as the General Manager of the Franchising Centre of Excellence at Griffith University for 10 years, and since 2017 with industry leaders to deliver significant commercially-focused research projects. 

The Result – is Something For You

Colliding research with commercial reality has led to a much deeper understanding of what matters in creating a sustainable franchise and enabled FranchiseED to develop a unique diagnostic tool that dives deep into your organisation.  

Rather than presenting a ‘model’ for your business operations, it unpacks what is working, what isn’t, where you could improve, and makes recommendations which are specific to lifting the performance of your organisation.

And we do this through the LiftED™ Franchise – a diagnostic tool that leverages our Thriving Franchise Model, built from current, real-time research at every level of the industry. 

The LiftED™ Franchise program allows you to objectively look at your business and see past the obvious in a diagnostic or continual improvement capacity.

The value in a look from the outside-in is that a lot of the time the ‘problems’ felt within a franchise are actually symptoms of a larger underlying issue and the Thriving Franchise Model has been designed to uncover these.

How it works

This program assesses your franchise against all elements of the Thriving Franchise Model.

It will assess your performance in the following categories:

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  • Commitment to innovation (being agile, creating the sandpit, constant re-investment)
  • Prime leadership (stakeholder engagement, clear vision of the future, strong and respectful culture)
  • Execution (system to deliver profit, building high-performance teams, holding the line)


What are the Outcomes?

You will receive a detailed report, explaining the findings for each of the categories indicating your franchises level of functionality across each one. This report will bring together the elements of the model and our 15+ years of franchise research and improvement expertise to provide you with implementable, robust recommendations that provide you with a playbook or roadmap to franchise vitality.

To see more information, download the brochure.

Ready to start?

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